2013 Clos Erasmus “Laurel” on sale at winestore

Park West Village
10 September 2015
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2013 Clos Erasmus “Laurel”
750ml bottle
Winestore Price: $49.99 (net) per bottle

2013 Clos Erasmus “Laurel”
1.5L bottle (MAGNUM)*
Winestore Price: $89.99 (net) per bottle

*This is the first time in the history of this esteemed winery that they have produced magnums, and we got every last one that came into NC πŸ™‚

Charlotte residents are lucky that Daphne Glorian Solomon, one of the worlds best winemakers, makes her home here in North Carolina. It gives us access to some seriously great wines at some seriously great prices. Her flagship wine, Clos Erasmus, is known around the globe as one of the benchmarks for Spanish wine (if not just incredible wine in general).

That said, she also makes a second label called “Laurel”. Laurel, to those of us who love this wine, is essentially a baby Clos Erasmus. Why? It is a straight declassification of Clos Erasmus, meaning you’re essentially getting the juice that did not “make the cut” for the big boy. That’s called wine value people!Β The 2013 Laurel we’re offering you today should offer you the best possible explanation of what Daphne does with wine that is so incomparable and indescribable.

As an added bonus, they made magnums this year. Perfect for that upcoming dinner party you are hosting. Bad news is only 56 magnums came into the entire State of North Carolina. Not a lot to go around.

So get while the gettin’ is good. That is all we can tell you!



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